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Piano Success

The study of the piano lays the foundation of a lifetime of music appreciation and self-expression.
Regular practice, like regular homework, is essential for consistent progress and a feeling of accomplishment.
Here are some important guidelines for parents to follow:

  • Encourage your child to practice at least four (4) days a week for a minimum of:
    5-7 years: 10-20 min. each day
    7-9 years: 20-30 min. each day
    9-12 years: 30-45 min. each day
    Over 12 years: 45-60 min. or more

  • Schedule a regular practice time without interruptions. Parents should sit with the student during practice time as much as possible.

  • Be encouraging.

  • Attend all recitals.

  • Take your child to hear other pianists perform.

Study Tools

Students are expected to have access to a piano at least four (4) times a week. An acoustic piano is preferable and should be equipped with a flat bench and good lighting. An electric keyboard is not recommended after two (2) years of lessons.

Students will be supplied with a 3-ring binder (1 inch or so) that is to be used just for piano lessons. Assignment pages (and other information) will be placed in it each week and there will be a place for recording practice information. For young students this is making a check each time the piece is played. For older students this is recording the time spent practicing each piece.

A tote bag is also supplied to keep the music books and binder in.

Experienced students need to own a metronome.

Contact Information:
301-854-6627 (home)
240-620-2722 (cell)
David.EideAltman (at) gmail.com (email)
Studio locations:
Noteworthy Knoll
1140 Sykesville Rd.,
Sykesville, MD 21784
Atholton Adventist School
6520 Martin Road
Columbia, MD 21044

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